Products are shipped via ex-work Private Structure warehouse Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
How To Order

Follow the steps below to complete your order.

Step 1 : Login/Register
If you have not registered with us, click on “create account” Enter all the required information for approval. Upon receiving your application, we will reply to verify your account with information of wholesaler discounts. Once approved, click “Login” to purchase.

Step 2 : Select your item
Choose your desire item and select your size and quantity, click on “add to cart” button.

Step 3 : Checkout Cart
Select “continue shopping” button to add more item into your cart. When you finish shopping, click “check out” button to proceed with your purchase.

Step 4 : Shipping Address
4a) For new resellers who wish to deliver the product to a different address other than the registered address, please click “edit” button and select “New Address” button to key in new address information, once done click “Save Address” to proceed.
4b) For existing resellers who have different delivery addresses, click on “edit” and select “Address List” key in the registered name to select the correct shipping address and click “Confirm Address” to proceed.

Step 5 : Order Submission
Kindly check the delivery address before finalizing your purchase by clicking the “Request Shipping Charges” button.

Step 6 : Order Processing
Upon receiving your order, we will review the order quantity and product availability. If we are unable to fulfill the entire order, we will advise you via email.

Step 7 : Order Confirmation
We will send a final invoice with the shipping cost via email for your confirmation. If there is no further amendments or queries, please make payment within 5 working days and redirect the proof of payment to us by email. Upon receiving the proof of payment, products will be packed within 3 working days. You will receive the final invoice and a tracking number will be provided after collection of cargo by the shipping/logistic partner/agent, for tracking purposes.